As part of the launch of its activities and the execution of a first contract, the STORABELLE startup is looking for its future Director of the Boiler Department. Storabelle designs and implements the transformation of thermal power plants scheduled for shutdown into massive electricity storage objects. Energy taken from the grid is stored in thermal form in molten salt tanks (Carnot batteries), then returned to the grid by reusing the existing power plant’s turbo generator to produce electricity. Experience in the field of water-steam cycle power plants and molten salt energy storage technologies are considered assets for this position. If you are committed to carrying out the projects entrusted to you in compliance with cost, quality and deadline objectives, and would like to work as part of a dynamic team whose mission is to contribute to accelerating the energy transition, join us!

Main tasks :

  • Initially develop and manage basic design activities for steam generators and electric heaters (bids and research programs, projects in progress). Then, with a view to developing STORABELLE’s skills in the role of OEM under license (Original Equipment Manufacturer), develop and manage design and manufacturing monitoring activities for this equipment, in compliance with the costs, deadlines and quality system required by the company and the customer.
  • Basic design of the steam generator and electric heaters, management and follow-up of the Detailed Design by an external designer.
  • Basic Design: set of basic design documents for steam generators and electric heaters:
    • Thermal design and calculation notes
    • Overall drawings of pressurized parts
    • Preliminary calculation notes for pressurized parts
    • Technical specifications
    • Definition documents
    • Instruction documents linked to design specifications
  • Build, maintain and improve standards and calculation tools used by boiler engineers, with a view to standardizing / automating and optimizing the design process for steam generators and electric heaters.
  • Integration of non-process constraints (modularization, constructability, accessibility, construction costs, general layout, planning)
  • Development of a costing method for steam generators and electric reheaters
  • Define human and material resource requirements (workstations, business software, etc.)
  • Manage and develop internal resources
  • Define external resource requirements and manage their activities
  • Manage any subcontracting
  • Manage the Quality process for the department’s activities
  • Ensure activity reporting to engineering management
  • Identify areas for technological development
  • Liaise with various departments

Interfaces :

  • Internal: engineering, projects and general management
  • External: customers, design partners, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

Skills required:

  • Professional qualifications: Thermal engineer, mechanical and process skills
  • Experience: 10 years’ professional experience in a similar or related position
  • Technical skills: thermal, mechanical and process, fluid mechanics, water/steam circuits, molten salts
  • Languages: English read, written, spoken
  • Tools required: Thermoflex or equivalent, Excel
  • Required work qualities:
    ✓ Autonomy, commitment and initiative
    ✓ Good writing skills (in French and English)
    ✓ Ability to synthesize and sense of priorities
    ✓ Good interpersonal skills, ability to work as part of a team
    ✓ Rigor

Status, remuneration, resources :

  • Workplace: Techn’Hom Belfort site
  • Type of contract : CDI
  • Reporting department : Engineering Department
  • Remuneration: fixed salary to be defined according to profile
  • Working hours: according to company schedule
  • Equipment available: laptop, telephone
  • Personal protective equipment: as required
  • Business travel: occasional in France and abroad


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