As part of the launch of its activities and the execution of its first contract, the STORABELLE startup is looking for its future Expert in Control and Automation Systems for power generation plants (SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Storabelle studies and implements the transformation of thermal power plants scheduled for shutdown into massive electricity storage objects. Energy withdrawn from the grid is stored in thermal form in molten salt tanks (Carnot batteries), then returned to the grid by reusing the existing power plant’s turbo generator to produce electricity. Experience in the field of water-steam cycle power plants and molten salt energy storage technologies are considered assets for this position.

If you are committed to carrying out the projects entrusted to you in compliance with cost, quality and deadline objectives, and would like to work as part of a dynamic team whose mission is to contribute to accelerating the energy transition, join us!

Main tasks :

Carry out technical studies for R&D projects, tenders and implementation projects in relation to the scope of the control and automation system for power generation plants, primarily contributing to the development of the EMS (Energy Management System) including predictive maintenance and optimization of the operation of STORABELLE’s assets,

  • Design and implement SCADA systems for power plant automation and control. This may involve starting from scratch, or retrofitting an existing system,
  • Configuration of hardware and software components such as PLCs, RTUs (remote terminal units) and PC-based visualization systems,
  • Programming, configuration and troubleshooting of associated automation and control system equipment, including PLCs, RTUs and HMIs,
  • Regularly test system backups and disaster recovery scenarios to ensure system reliability,
  • Monitor system performance and respond to faults or alarms in a timely manner,
  • Implement and maintain appropriate cyber security measures to protect the SCADA system from external and internal threats,
  • Maintain comprehensive technical documentation on system design, functionality and maintenance procedures for reference and regulatory compliance,
  • Ensure user training and produce the necessary documentation,
  • Ensure that all systems and processes comply with regulatory and corporate guidelines,
  • Respond to SCADA system emergencies and restore normal operation as quickly as possible,
  • Maintain all safety precautions related to SCADA systems and ensure that all personnel are trained in safety procedures,
  • Constantly research and develop methods to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of SCADA systems.

Interfaces :

The job requires regular collaboration with project managers, system operators, system analysts and other engineers to plan and implement developments, implement STORABELLE solutions on site, provide relevant information for tenders and support implementation work, provide technical support to other departments as required, liaise with partners, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc…

Skills required:

  • Degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, control systems or related field,
  • Good understanding of SCADA system operations in the power generation industry,
  • Experience with PLCs, RTUs and other industrial control hardware,
  • Practical experience in systems engineering, system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of SCADA systems,
  • Advanced knowledge of industrial networks, data acquisition systems and control system security,
  • Mastery of computer programming languages generally used in industrial automation environments,
  • Appetence for new technologies: AI, IoT and big data.
  • Knowledge of applicable safety standards and regulations,
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure,
  • Good communication skills to interact effectively with technical and non-technical colleagues,
  • Required work qualities :
    o Autonomy, commitment and initiative
    o Good writing skills (in French and English)
    o Synthesis and sense of priorities
    o Good interpersonal skills, team spirit
    o Rigorous, autonomous and methodical
    o Fluent English

Status, remuneration, resources :

  • Workplace: Techn’Hom Belfort site
  • Type of contract : CDI
  • Reporting department : Engineering Department
  • Remuneration: fixed salary to be defined according to profile
  • Working hours: according to company schedule
  • Equipment available: laptop, telephone
  • Personal protective equipment: as required
  • Business travel: occasional in France and abroad


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